The Road to Epoli Book Trailer

We are so pleased to share the official book trailer of Rickety Stitch and the Gelatinous Goo: The Road to Epoli. What better way to kick off a series of fantasy graphic novels than with a sweet, new trailer forged by a band of our buddies.

Narration by Logan Cunningham (Bastion, Transistor, and Pyre), Music by Evin Wolverton (The Road to Epoli, The Midnight Hour), and Editing and Animations by Luke Sharkey.

Behind the Scenes

Logan Cunningham, Narration

Logan Cunningham, Narration

We had lots of fun making this beauty for you folks. You may recognize some elements too. We were fortunate enough to partner with Logan Cunningham, who we've been friends with for nearly two decades. You'll remember Logan as the brilliant narrator and voice of Rucks in Bastion, the debut action RPG from Supergiant Games. Logan also plays the sword in Transistor and we are eagerly awaiting his performances in Supergiant Games' new title Pyre, releasing this year.

Evin Wolverton, Music

Evin Wolverton, Music

Additionally, fans will immediately recognize the melodic instrumentals of Evin Wolverton, the man behind the magic of the official Road to Epoli song that accompanies the first book of Rickety Stitch. Evin is a supremely talented singer/songwriter and we have been both friends and fans for many, many years. You can listen to more music on Evin's Soundcloud, and we encourage you to follow him. He's great.

And of course, the brilliant editing and animations were done by another long-time friend, Luke Sharkey. Luke is a true-as-the-north-star renaissance man. An editor, animator, sound mixer, actor, and dancer (yes dancer!) that appears magically on his ten speed cycle to work wonders with footage and sound. 

We couldn't have made this book trailer happen without a great team. And we're over the moon to have worked with not only great talents, but great friends.

Publishers Weekly Starred Review

We're so pleased to read this amazing, starred review of Rickety Stitch and the Gelatinous Goo: The Road to Epoli, from Publishers Weekly. So, great to hear critics enjoying our fantasy graphic novel as much as we enjoyed making it! Here's to fantasy comics!


Here's what Publishers Weekly had to say:

Rickety Stitch is a skeleton bard who can’t keep a job; his dreams hint at who he was in a previous life, but he remembers little upon awakening. After getting fired from a dungeon, Stitch sets out for answers in Epoli, a place that surfaces in his dreams. His blob of a sidekick, Gelatinous Goo, accompanies him, and their adventures throw them into contact with imps, gnomes, trolls, and other creatures; some befriend and help him, while others have less benevolent plans in mind. The kaleidoscope of characters is complemented by the full-color artwork, which establishes a rich fantasy landscape and contrast starkly with the barren b&w eeriness of Stitch’s dreams. Amid many slapstick moments, gross-out gags, and edgy jokes—“You’re lucky you didn’t rip my blouse,” wails the skeleton after getting stabbed during a bar fight, “this thing’s vintage!”—Parks and Costa impressively evolve their tale into a compelling epic quest with deeper themes than the initial chapters hint. This trilogy opener is ideal for Nimona fans looking to see tried-and-true fantasy tropes get hilariously upended. Ages 12–up.
— Publishers Weekly (starred review)

Fan Art Giveaway Winners!

Hey folks! We got some awesome, awesome new Fan Art from the give away. And we're so happy to announce the winners of the drawing.

Congratulations to our winners!


Check out the collection of fantastic Rickety Stitch Fan Art!

If you want to share your art, you can! Visit our art submission page here.

The Kirkus Star

We are stunned and delighted to have learned that Rickety Stitch and the Gelatinous Goo: The Road to Epoli has received a glowing review from Kirkus and was awarded with the Kirkus Star!

Here's a brief expert from the review, but you can read the whole thing here.

Costa and Parks’ script is imaginative and laugh-out-loud funny, unafraid to crack a well-timed, verging-on-naughty joke. Costa’s art is unfalteringly, vibrantly buoyant, with many sight gags that effortlessly turn the profane into something adorably laughable. A cliffhanger ending leaves readers poised for the sequel—they will be clamoring.
— Kirkus Reviews

We're so honored they enjoyed the adventure and can't wait to release it to the world on June 6th, 2017. If you're eager to secure a copy, you can actually pre-order Rickety Stitch today. Just visit this link

Fan Art Giveaway!

By @Hawk_Hunting

By @Hawk_Hunting

There's lots of great Rickety Stitch fan art out there and we want to share it! 

Submit your art by April 1st and we'll add it to our Fan Art Gallery!

Better yet, 3 of you will win a treasure trove of Rickety Stitch swag.


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What you can win:

A lot of Rickety Stitch swag from our store.

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Good luck! We can't wait to see what magnificent things you create!

The Music of Rickety Stitch

Evin Wolverton

Evin Wolverton

When the main character of a fantasy series is a bard, you can expect music to play a big part in the narrative. But there’s more to it than just sprinkling in a groovy plot device. Like Rickety himself, we want to make the music a sort of character of its own.

Our goal is always to create stories within stories. That’s why we write Lore. And that’s why we name practically everything on the page, sometimes twice! Songs and stories in Rickety Stitch follow interesting parallels to Rickety’s own adventures, without being direct allegories. Every song is meant to be a story and have a story behind it.

Just like real life musicians, the songs are written to be reflective of real life (or in our case, character) experiences. Rickety Stitch writes music no differently. The big question is, did Rickety write the music? Or is the music bubbling up from his past experiences, or from some creative place that wants to relate to his current predicaments. That’s something we ultimately enjoy exploring.

As many of you know, we had the honor of working with Evin Wolverton on The Road to Epoli. Evin is a fantastic musician who is versed in many styles, and did an amazing job writing the music and performing it--a challenge for sure, as the song is quite the epic ballad. We took a moment to interview Evin, and learn about his process.

Where did you find inspiration for composing "The Road To Epoli"?

The lyrics are a dead ringer for the epic Scottish ballads I'd learned when I was young. I hunted for a melody that could both support both the adventurous spirit and the length of the song. I knew I'd found it when the refrain gave me goosebumps.

Who performed in the recording?

The vocals, instruments, and production are all me. Those summers spent at folk music camp finally paid off.

Will you be composing more music for Rickety Stitch?

Yes. I'm working with the Ben and James on songs that may appear in the series' future volumes. It's exciting to have a hand in realizing the curious world of Eem.

You can  listen to The Road to Epoli on YouTube or Soundcloud, where it’s available for free download. You can also pre-order Rickety Stitch and the Gelatinous Goo: The Road to Epoli in both hard and soft cover.

Junior Library Guild Selection

We are  over the moon and honored to learn that The Road to Epoli: Rickety Stitch and the Gelatinous Goo, Book 1 has been announced as a Junior Library Guild selection!

If you’re not familiar with the Junior Library Guild, here’s some information about this incredible honor straight from them:

"The JLG editorial team reviews more than 3,000 new titles each year, in manuscript or prepublication stage. We’ve developed a keen sense for finding the best of the best. Over 95 percent of our selections go on to receive awards and/or favorable reviews."

If you’re listening, thank you Junior Library Guild! We are grateful to be held in such high esteem and to be associated with such an amazing catalog of books.

You can pre-order The Road to Epoli at AmazonBarnes & NobleBooks A MillionHudson BooksellersIndieBoundPowell's, and Target

Or if you’re a library buyer, you can check out the Junior Library Guild page.

Book 1: The Road to Epoli Cover Reveal

This year has been a tremendous adventure. Between our big publishing announcement and the outpouring of love we enjoy from fans practically every day, we can barely contain our excitement. Without further ado, we present to you the cover of the first book in our series:

Rickety Stitch and the Gelatinous Goo
Book 1: The Road to Epoli.

The Road to Epoli will be available on June 6th, 2017 in a beautifully printed, full color paperback, as well as a gorgeous hardcover. We’ve had so much fun preparing this adventure for you. And we can’t wait to continue the Rickety Stitch saga in 2018 and 2019. And, guess what?

You can pre-order today.

Dungeons & Dragons is more than a game.


Dungeons & DragonsPathfinder, and other pen and paper Role Playing Games are surging in popularity. We think there’s a number of reasons for that. RPGs are personal, social, nostalgic, creative, and, of course, super fun and good. All these reasons are compelling enough to sit with some friends and give RPGs a try, but for us, the creative is inescapable.

Full disclosure, we play various versions of Dungeons & Dragons (including invented versions). Since we were little kids. And with the same group of friends even. D&D is a part of our personas, even Rickety Stitch and the Gelatinous Goo wears the D&D geekdom merit badge proudly. The fun we’ve had and the stories of imaginary adventures we’d embarked upon at this point are practically limitless, but what really has made the experience profound, is how often we have drawn from that experience to create positive outcomes in our work and in our lives.

For us, so much of D&D is about the live, collaborative, and  creative exercise. We create characters, new worlds get fleshed out, and everything is always challenged. Ultimately new concepts and real life career decisions can emerge from the games we play.

In the future, we’ll have to share a glimpse into what our games are like. Until then, there are other folks talking about this too, lots of folks. In fact, here are two pretty great examples on how Dungeons & Dragons builds not only creativity, but can encourage people to learn resourcefulness and improve social interactions.

Things to check out:

Fantasy Freaks and Gaming Geeks Author Ethan Gilsdorf gives an excellent TedTalk on the subject and you should definitely check it out.

You should also check out the article: Behind Hollywood’s Closed Doors, A-List Stars Are Playing Dungeons & Dragons by Seth Abramovitch.