Fan Art Giveaway!

By @Hawk_Hunting

By @Hawk_Hunting

There's lots of great Rickety Stitch fan art out there and we want to share it! 

Submit your art by April 1st and we'll add it to our Fan Art Gallery!

Better yet, 3 of you will win a treasure trove of Rickety Stitch swag.


Here's how to enter:


Step 1
Draw, get creative, and have fun!

Step 2

  • Email us your wonderful art at
  • You can also, post your art to Twitter and Facebook and tag us @ricketystitch. #RicketyStitch for even more exposure.

Step 3
You're done! We'll re-tweet, post to InstagramFacebook, and share on our official fan art page! And of course, we'll randomly select 3 winners for the following haul.


What you can win:

A lot of Rickety Stitch swag from our store.

  1. Cavern of the Dweorgs Art Print
  2. Fungal Jungle Art Print
  3. The Dragon Ruins Art Print
  4. Rickety Stitch Sticker Pack

Good luck! We can't wait to see what magnificent things you create!