The Music of Rickety Stitch

Evin Wolverton

Evin Wolverton

When the main character of a fantasy series is a bard, you can expect music to play a big part in the narrative. But there’s more to it than just sprinkling in a groovy plot device. Like Rickety himself, we want to make the music a sort of character of its own.

Our goal is always to create stories within stories. That’s why we write Lore. And that’s why we name practically everything on the page, sometimes twice! Songs and stories in Rickety Stitch follow interesting parallels to Rickety’s own adventures, without being direct allegories. Every song is meant to be a story and have a story behind it.

Just like real life musicians, the songs are written to be reflective of real life (or in our case, character) experiences. Rickety Stitch writes music no differently. The big question is, did Rickety write the music? Or is the music bubbling up from his past experiences, or from some creative place that wants to relate to his current predicaments. That’s something we ultimately enjoy exploring.

As many of you know, we had the honor of working with Evin Wolverton on The Road to Epoli. Evin is a fantastic musician who is versed in many styles, and did an amazing job writing the music and performing it--a challenge for sure, as the song is quite the epic ballad. We took a moment to interview Evin, and learn about his process.

Where did you find inspiration for composing "The Road To Epoli"?

The lyrics are a dead ringer for the epic Scottish ballads I'd learned when I was young. I hunted for a melody that could both support both the adventurous spirit and the length of the song. I knew I'd found it when the refrain gave me goosebumps.

Who performed in the recording?

The vocals, instruments, and production are all me. Those summers spent at folk music camp finally paid off.

Will you be composing more music for Rickety Stitch?

Yes. I'm working with the Ben and James on songs that may appear in the series' future volumes. It's exciting to have a hand in realizing the curious world of Eem.

You can  listen to The Road to Epoli on YouTube or Soundcloud, where it’s available for free download. You can also pre-order Rickety Stitch and the Gelatinous Goo: The Road to Epoli in both hard and soft cover.