Rickety Stitch and the Gelatinous Goo is a fantasy adventure comic series.

The story follows the exploits of a skeleton bard named Rickety Stitch and his trusty sidekick Goo. Rickety begins to remember a mysterious song from his forgotten past--a past that seems more like a bad dream.

With little else going for him, Rickety and Goo decide to embark on an epic quest to discover Rickety’s origins.

Rickety Stitch and the Gelatinous Goo is published by Knopf Books for Young Readers (an imprint of Random House) and is a Junior Library Guild selection. The Road to Epoli is available now at: AmazonBarnes & NobleBooks A MillionHudson BooksellersIndieBoundPowell's, and Target.

The Characters

Rickety Stitch

Rickety is a skeleton bard who woke up suddenly in a tomb and wandered into a mysteriously gloomy battlescape, long ago.

Now in pursuit of his murky origins, Rickety yearns to discover his past by exploring the land of Eem and finding the road to the fabled, ancient city of Epoli.



The Gelatinous Goo is a sentient, subterranean jelly creature, and the only known goo in the World of Eem who is afraid of the dark. Even though he’s smart as a whip, you’d never know it; Rickety seems to be the only one who can understand him!

Fiercely loyal, the Goo stands by Rickety Stitch in the face of any danger. That is, unless it’s dark outside.



Though enslaved by the Ogre Tyrant Golo, Ziggy toils daily to hunt man-food for his master.

While Ziggy is a lonely, fiendish denizen of Grimly Wood, he rather enjoys playing his impish tricks on unsuspecting travelers, and would never dare cross his Ogre Master.



L. Nerman Fuddle is a simple, goodly gnome who dwells in a willow tree on the edge of Grimly Wood.

Nerman loves drinking drinking tea and tending to his modest vegetable garden, while the forest creatures flock to his abode and bask in his happy presence.

The World

It is an age of ashes. The gleaming empires of old have faded into obscurity, leaving a tired world riddled with dungeons and ruled by fiends. With trade roads host to brigands and mighty castles neglected, goodly folk are left to huddle in remote villages, where the tales of a golden age lie all but forgotten.

There's even more to discover in Eem...

Visit the pages of Lore for a deeper dive into the denizens of Rickety's world, mysterious places, creatures, relics, songs and legends.

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