Rickety Stitch and the Gelatinous Goo was created and written by Ben Costa and James Parks, with art by Ben.

Ben and James became friends in 2nd grade and in addition to playing Dungeons & Dragons, they really liked to make stuff. First, they made crude, crayon comics of superheroes on construction paper. Second, they made whacky homemade movies in high school. Third they wrote short fiction as college roommates. And finally, the culmination of their creative fun lead to the series of fantasy graphic novels, Rickety Stitch.

Ben and James love fantasy. And they really strive to craft sprawling myths that celebrate the adventures of heroes of a different bent. Rickety Stitch comes from a strong desire to thrust storytellers into the roles of heroes, as well as explore common fantasy tropes from the perspective of uncertain outsiders--outsiders, that in a way, represent us all.

Ben and James find inspiration from more creators than can easily be counted. They are die hard fans of many comics creators such as Jeff Smith, Stan Sakai, Kazu Kibuishi, Raina Telgemeier, and Mike Mignola. But they are are also huge fans of artists, writers, and movie makers. Especially, Brian Froud, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Jim Henson.

Ben Costa

Ben Costa | Rickety Stitch | Science Fiction Fantasy Books for Kids, Teens, and Young Adults

Ben Costa is a writer and artist living in the Bay Area. He self-published two volumes of the award-winning, martial arts historical fiction comic Pang, The Wandering Shaolin Monk. Ben has always been passionate about fantasy comics. 

Ben maintains a steady diet of samurai comics, kung fu movies, spacefaring farm boys, and tabletop RPGs. Follow him on Twitter.


James Parks

James Parks | Rickety Stitch | Science Fiction Fantasy Books for Kids, Teens, and Young Adults

James Parks is a speculative fiction writer and graphic novelist living in the Bay Area. James lives off of: monster flicks, ghostbusting, samurai cinema, and comics–with a sober dose of Victorian literature and 80s cartoons. Creating a series of fantasy graphic novels for kids is his dream.

In addition to Rickety Stitch, James is the author of the southern gothic, horror collection, The Gospel of Bucky Dennis. James was also a staff writer for Campfire Graphic Novels and is currently a member of the Horror Writer’s Association. Follow James on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.