Brand Promise

Concepts and copy need to promote belief in the Rickety Stitch brand promise.

Epic and whimsical fantasy adventures.

Note: This is not a tagline, but rather directional.

Brand Attributes

As concepts and copy are created it’s important that the brand be presented in a manner that’s aligned with its true personality. Here’s that personality in the form of brand attributes.


Honest, grateful, enthusiastic, heartfelt - never melodramatic.


Whimsical, droll, cute - occasionally sarcastic and crass.


Exciting, perilous, epic - but not overtly violent.


Challenging, courageous, reflective - but not preachy.



  • High fantasy adventure with humor and heart.
  • Get comfy and dive into a fantastic and fun, fantasy adventure.


  • Who says fantasy heroes can’t be hilarious?
  • A bardcore fantasy adventure for bardcore comic fans.


  • Strap on your lute and dive into the wondrous world of Eem.
  • Embark on the harrowing and whimsical quest of a skeleton bard named Rickety Stitch.


  • Heroic, heartwarming, and a whole lot of fantasy fun.
  • There are all kinds of heroes in the world. This one happens to be a skeleton with a heart of gold.