Belgradey’s Bridge

H.G. (Hughley Glurden) Belgradey the Shortfoot was a Troll sweetcap farmer living at the the edge of Mudscoot Crick some twenty years before the onset of the Dungeon Era. The nickname “Shortfoot” came from Belgradey’s mishap with a particularly heavy lodestone when he was building the bridge over Mudscoot Crick.

The bridge itself is a simple one, nothing to write home about, but for one interesting piece of history. Each stone of its make was carried from Antzam’s Peak, high within the Zamorandash Mountains nearly four hundred leagues to the north by Belgradey himself. A feat, that even for a Troll with Troll’s strength and stamina, is no doubt remarkable. The stones themselves, come from a particular quarry that is lorded over by Antzam the Boulder Dweller, an ancient Troll of renown who lives beneath the Quarry Bridge, which reaches from one end of the quarry and into the mountainside itself. Among Trolls it is referred to as The Bridge With No End because it disappears into the misty heights of Antzam’s Peak.

Despite this noteworthy factoid, Belgradey’s Bridge has fallen into obscurity. Few remember the good-hearted Belgradey or his delicious sweetcap mushrooms, and fewer still remember the story of his stones.