Bofflebee Berries

Delicious and sweet, Bofflebees are berries that grow in bushels on slender, pale-barked, pink-leafed trees native to the Dingledell. Bofflebees grow in a variety of colors, often red or bright blue, and are about the size of acorns. And though they are common to the lushest, most vital parts of the Dingledell forest, they are difficult to grow in any other conditions. While these small multi-colored sweeties thrive with little water, it takes a greenthumb, the richest soil, and perfect sunlight to cultivate Bofflebees. And not unlike grapes, they retain hints of different flavors by climate.

Bofflebee Berries are often used in wine and cooking, due to their sweetness. Gnomes in particular are experts with preparing them in a plethora of ways, using the fruit, seed, and even the rinds to prepare dishes.

Perhaps the most notable aspect of Bofflebees is their medicinal properties. Contrary to these berries lacking a need for heavy rain, a fully, sun-ripened Bofflebee can fully hydrate and restore the energy to a full grown man. It is surmised that due to concentrated and even strained nutrient content, the berries retain and employ an unusually high volume of vitamins and water content. In the old times, Bofflebees were often distributed amongst soldiers and merchant caravans on long journeys. But in the Dungeon Era, this practice has been all but forgotten.