Boggarts | Rickety Stitch

By far the most meaningless term in all of Eem, the word “Boggart” poorly defines a most wondrous and diverse multitude of sharp-toothed and pointy eared peoples. Morphologically, they come in all manner of shapes, sizes, and colors, and can be likened to canines or simians in this regard, making it nigh-impossible to catalogue all of them. Most scholars–that is, except Goblin scholars–would classify Goblins as Boggarts, too. But this is a point on which Goblins will never budge.

The tiniest of the Boggarts, known as Boggles, tend to be swamp and forest dwellers, who live in hollowed-out logs, abandoned bird nests, and toadstool fortresses. Dung-farming, squirrel hunting, and snail-taming are all common livelihoods among Boggles, especially before the dawning of the Dungeon Era; since then, they have been captured or enlisted in droves, and put to work as the bulk of menial dungeon labor staffs. They have also proven to be excellent spies, able to fit through the tiniest of cracks. It is said that for a price, any piece of information can be bought from the ubiquitous Boggle spy network known as the Black Bugs.

The largest of the Boggarts, the hulking Wugs, are a mostly solitary sort. They do not get along well with other creatures, especially other Wugs. A single Wug usually roams a vast expanse of forest or plains, never venturing away from their territory until it is time to find a mate. If two competing Wugs ever cross paths in nature, it is customary for them to share a meal, and then subsequently fight to the death.