Boggle | Rickety Stitch

Boggles are a plentiful, diminutive type of Boggart living, generally, under the heel of Goblin rule throughout the Dungeon Era of Eem. They are fearful, jumpy, yippy, nippy, and driven by a strong need to avoid being stepped on (both figuratively and literally). In most cases, Boggles makeup the underclass of laborers, servants, and slaves for their larger, more affluent cousins, however in the deep forests and under hollow earth, Boggles still live beholden only to their own devices and customs.

Free Boggles often live in rough and tumble war bands or tribes, living off of the refuse of larger, more dominant creatures–and in most cases are selectively brave when faced with Eem’s many dangers. Their society is a feudal one, wherein a Grand Boggle or Boggle Chieftain enjoys a certain level of dominion over a small patch of mud or grass, whereon his gaggle of Boggles build patchwork hovels out of Troll Dung and live off of free grazed Keester Snaps which provide protection, insect meat, ichor, and carapaces.

Free Boggles are also very superstitious and believe that the world is literally the rear end of an enormous cosmic beetle, however there is no such religious dogma or cannon, as this belief is blindly passed on, with each subsequent generation inventing its own mythos. In short, no Boggle has the same belief as the other, only that the world is a beetle and the ‘big folk’ step on those that are not quick on their feet.