A race of stocky, big-eyed, reptilian creatures hailing from the swampy marshes and fens of The Mucklands proper, Bogrils comprise the backbone of southern Eem society. Centuries ago, Bogril royalty ruled The Mucklands just as their Folk counterparts did the north. The cities of Thurf and Thrig, whose massive spires of junk and muck could be seen from miles away, stood as economic hubs, and melting pots of Eem culture. The arts flourished under the reign of Bogril kings and queens, and great strides were made in the fields of architecture, puppetry, pantomime, and contact juggling.

But just as most things crumbled under the gluttonous weight of Goblin entrepreneurship, so did the Bogril throne. While the royal Bogril houses still exist in name, their function is meaningless. In fact, Bogrils hold the fewest positions of power in today’s workforce per capita. The common Bogril citizen works as a serf, shoveling muck for Dungeon bigwigs, while many strike out on their own as independent merchants and peddlers.

In recent years, a large exodus of Bogril wanderers and adventurers have branched out and sought gainful employment outside of the Mucklands, moving to or passing through Folk settlements throughout the knolls of Wade, or in the west near Hedgewater Mabel and Harp’s Edge. Considered more civilized than Boggarts by Folk standards, Bogrils generally have an easier time assimilating into cultures. This perception is, without question, aided by the presence of the renowned Order of Bogril paladins known as the Bulwarks, whose few members can sometimes be seen solitarily patrolling the highways of Eem on the backs of giant war tortoises.