An old abandoned Brownie residence, now inhabited by Boggle squatters.

An old abandoned Brownie residence, now inhabited by Boggle squatters.

Brownies are small, elfin creatures of good humor and sharp wit, similar in stature to Boggles, but in almost every other way, the opposite. They are considerate, cooperative types with a high level of aptitude and love for craftsmanship.

Originally forest-dwelling faerie folk, most Brownies left their mossy, pine-needle cottages the moment they encountered humans. Long before human folk wandered into the forests looking for lumber and game, Brownies lived in almost complete secrecy tending to mouse herds and forming songbirds into choirs. But the moment they encountered humans, they were dumbfounded by how poorly the humans seemed to do everything. Shoes were, for the most part, shoddily cobbled, tailoring was an entirely unknown art, and cooking? Little more than the application of fire to meat. Clearly, the human folk needed quite a bit of guidance and Brownie civilization has never been the same since then.

Today, almost all Brownies are homebodies, living in cozy corners and mouse holes, virtually unknown to the human world. They are industrious house-sprites often responsible for the tiny miracles that make domestic life a wonder of the world. They are brilliant tailors, cobblers, coopers, and cooks–ruthlessly efficient pest controllers–and incredibly thoughtful gift givers when farmers have a poor year.

Brownies seek no reward from their oblivious landlords and treat their human folk counterparts a bit like pets, a common adage amongst Brownies being: “Who else will help these people? Bless their silly hearts.”