Brunt Manheel

Brunt Manheel is a scoundrel. Orphaned at birth, named for his flat, brutish face, and raised by a congress of thieves, Brunt is the living embodiment of the highwayman lifestyle. He is a hard-nosed sod with a taste for silver, silk, and Boggart swish. From dawn to dusk his mouth is wet with drink and his fingers tinged with weapon black; the story of Brunt Manheel is a story of malice, mischief, and greed–but mostly greed.

Brunt Manheel cut his first purse at nine, and cut his first throat at ten, thus dethroning the legendary bandit Thrakband Geel, and becoming First Bloke of the infamous Clatter Gang. The Clatter Gang has long tarried about on the Middle-Route, but at the dawning of the Dungeon Era, the Middle-Route became a kingdom of thieves, robbers, and vagabond brigades out to take their keep from any and all who traversed the great road.

He seized the opportunity to lead, and understood the importance of money and its mobility, the necessity for brutality, and a behoovery for guile in his most dishonest trade. Brunt established the first, official Thieves Congress, whose authority demands taxes from every pick-pocket, cut-purse, rapscallion and knave from Wade to the Western Sea…and whose hidden trove of Blusteryne wine promises to keep any who join its ranks as foggy as the gloomy shores of Ur.