Bugbears are a woolly species, short and powerfully built, with ursine faces that bare sharp teeth. Technically of Faerie origins, Bugbears were originally a relatively docile people who once lived in small tribes within quiet dens in the hills and dales of Dingledell. But over many years, a culture of warfare developed, spurred by land disputes and breaches of complicated tribal etiquette–until at last they were driven out of the Faerie lands for their incessant in-fighting.

Since then, Bugbears have been known throughout the ages to be fearsome warriors. But because they spend most of their time squabbling and skirmishing between their own fiefdoms, and wiping out their populations in the process, they’ve never grabbed a strong foothold in the territories of the Middle Kingdom. Instead they occupy the lands where less hardy creatures care never to dwell, like the snowy mountains of Zamorandash, the windy bluffs of the Wuthering Scar, and the oppressive dank of the Deep Mucklands.

While they can be quite intelligent, most Bugbears possess raging, white-hot tempers, which invariably cloud their decision-making during daily life. They are often more obsessed with their own brand of honor than approaching situations from a more rational viewpoint. A Bugbear will usually come away feeling slighted when dealing with outsiders who are ignorant to Bugbear cultural norms (just about everybody). This, of course, only adds to their xenophobic tendencies.

Bugbears who do integrate into the larger world often work as mercenary soldiers, fighting other people’s wars for money. In the Battle of Sprocklepotch Glen, not only were Bugbear factions involved in the main conflict, Bugbear mercenaries were conscripted on every side of the war, even the Faerie Folk.