Bushel Brights

Bushel Brights are large, saucer-shaped flowers and a favorite decoration of the Faeire Folk. They are a flower that is always in bloom come winter or summer, flood, frost, or drought. Bushel Brights are used by Brownies, Gnomes, Bugbears, and Faeries for every conceivable celebratory ritual, from weddings to funerals.

The flowers themselves bloom in various colors and have a very distinct scent, unlike any other flower in Eem. Brownies often associate the scent with spring, as it is a bright, clean smell not entirely unlike the pleasant smell of fresh laundry.

In Bugbear society, the flowers are both the most romantic and the most thoughtful gift one Bugbear can give to another.

The flowers represent the kind of friendships that grow over time, despite the wild adversity in the world. Be there frozen hail or blasting sand, Bushel Brights will grow.