Candil Silvergad’s Hand Mirror

Ages ago, long, long before the highways were blazed, or the forests were felled, or the Grimly Wood was grim, the Geed were a proud people of the forest, with cloven hooves and goatish forms. They did not hide within their deep forest enclaves like they do today, few and far between, secluded away from all other faerie creatures. They were ruled by a mighty Queen, who was feared by Boggarts and beasts alike, and whose majestic silver horns glimmered brighter than the Morning-Star.

Candil Silvergad was a Geed. For many years he served in the Queen’s Regiment, where he carried a silver spear and protected the Queen’s silver city from evil sprites and spirits, and armies of Boggart usurpers. As per the Queen’s decree, her soldiers were forbidden to marry, so Candil lived alone and loved no other but his Queen. That is, until he met Korwen.

She was a farmer’s daughter, and the first time Candil saw her, their eyes locked in the reflection of her hand mirror as she sat at the edge of a riverbank brushing her ivory locks. So smitten was Candil that he would shirk his duties to steal away and see his beloved Korwen. And though he knew he was breaking his vow to the Queen and to the queendom, days passed as the two fell deeper in love.

One day when Candil left his post to meet Korwen down near the riverbank, a band of Boggarts breached the city wall and set the woods aflame. Where Candil should have been to stop it, a wildfire spread, razing homes and claiming untold lives. Candil rushed back to the silver city but was too late; and when he returned through the smoke and flame to the riverbank, all that was left was Korwen’s mirror lying in a flower patch, reflecting his own gaze back at him.