Castle Lake Ferry

Built by the last of the King’s men after the bridge to the castle burned down during a failed siege many years ago, the Castle Lake ferry sits mostly in disuse at the edge of the lake’s dark waters. By order of the King, it was fashioned into the likeness of a Lakesnake, as a sort of “scarecrow” to drive away the local Poltergeese, who themselves were attacking the King’s visitors.

The ferry is a rope-hauler vessel, tied and strung between two posts on each side of the moat, so the only way to cross is by pulling the muck-covered rope from one post to the other. Among other concerns, this makes Castle Lake a rather undesirable destination for lords and ladies, who perhaps understandably would prefer not to get smelly, black sludge stuck between their fingernails for weeks after visiting the King.

These days, it is the sole job of Zigglidorglmorkin to man the ferry, and only when the King has the rare guest; after all, with a pair of wings on his back, Ziggy hasn’t much use for ferries.