Chet Whistlefeet


Chet Whistlefeet is the frequent alias of Zigglidorglmorkin the Imp to fool and mislead the unwary. Ziggy assumes the alias of Whistlefeet using Imp Tricks, which are a natural sort of magic unique to Impdom. That said, Chet has not always been a Gnome disguise. In fact, in twenty two years, Ziggy has assumed the alias many times, but never in the same way.

The first Chet Whistlefeet wasn’t a Gnome at all, but rather a sentient, carnivorous plant called a Splik Whip living in a small cave community. Ziggy’s plan was to run for mayor and trick the Splik Whips into venturing from their cave to establish a new colony in Castle Lake, wherein Golo would certainly eat them. This plan was of course a failure, though he did receive four votes.

The ninth Whistlefeet was a Kobold Lie-monger, a type of merchant who trades exclusively in lies, falsehoods, and deceits. Ziggy was a natural fit for the trade and sold his first lie to a traveling Boggart Prince. The Prince was more than happy to purchase a lie from Chet, hoping to fool his mother the queen into thinking he was actually attending courtly dancing classes instead of gorging himself on waffles and weorg meat in the Used T’be Forrest.

The latest Chet Whistlefeet is a Gnome, and Talent Manager of Rickety Stitch–a haphazard attempt to fool L. Nerman Fuddle into returning to the Castle Lake. Where Ziggy has generally stuck to mimicking scoundrels and creatures in the past, choosing to disguise himself as Chet the Gnome is stretching his acting muscles to say the least, and may prove difficult.