Commemorative Spoons

The tradition of the commemorative spoon is an old one. The first commemorative spoons were cast from a melted pair of silver-capped, giant’s incisors to commemorate G. Elmer Pestle’s victory by boxing match over the lumbering terror, Rogo the Vast, who had for some time been pestering the Folk settlement of Hedgewater Mabel. The bout lasted 4 rounds and ended with Rogo sulking into the hillside with a swollen lip, missing teeth, and a very bruised ego.

Far more romantic than an ordinary tchotchke, spoons are often given as gifts and awards to commemorate victories amongst gnomes and faerie folk. On one end of the spectrum are spoons in commemoration of wars and battles, akin to medals of valor. On the other end of the spectrum are the kind of commemorative spoons located in L. Nerman Fuddle’s willow house, which celebrate his 1st place victory at the 87th Annual Kraken Bisque Eating Contest of Sprocklepotch Glen.

Located south of Grimly Wood, on the border of Dingledell and the Deep Mucklands, Sprocklpotch Glen has historically been a contested territory between Faerie Folk and Boggarts. However, in recent years the Kraken Bisque Eating Contest has done wonders to bring both sides together in friendly competition. The event first started after a gnomish merchant vessel unexpectedly killed a Kraken off the shores of the Deep Mucklands. As the gnomes attempted to transport the giant sea monster back to Mirth to bestow as a gift to the High Gnome Dingledorn, they realized they’d never make it without the creature spoiling. So they stopped in Sprocklepotch Glen and held an impromptu feast. Peoples from all around came to dig in, putting their differences aside. On the second day, however, in an effort to prevent the food from going to waste, a group of feasters began an eating contest, and the tradition has held since.

Decades ago, Nerman took home the first place prize beating out 11-time Boggart champion Hunkk the Bottomless. Despite Hunkk’s countless requests for a rematch, Nerman has respectfully declined having retired from competitive eating altogether.