Crazy Urny’s Custom Floor Traps

Before his eighth year, Urnaldo “Urny” Gambeany, the renowned Goblin Tycoon, made his first million manufacturing homemade caltrops. By age eleven he’d opened his first brick and mortar store, refurbishing guillotines and serrated pendulums. At twenty, Urny made his second million picking antique siege equipment and selling exclusively to Boggart Warmongers. But his third million–and ultimate claim to fame–was made after acquiring a fly-by-night, mechanical death consortium he’d caught at a Dungeon Overlord liquidation sale. That mechanical death consortium would soon change it’s name to Crazy Urny’s Custom Floor Traps, Co. and lead the way for a golden age of booby trapping and hidden dangers.

Today there are over a dozen locations in the Tri-Muck area, all ready to serve your custom floor trap needs. From quicksand rugs to high-end, mind-devouring autostereogram paintings, Crazy Urny’s makes it easy to die from seemingly ordinary things. And with coupon savings in literally every known trade publication, Crazy Urny cuts the best deals in the land, or his name ain’t Crazy Urny! Send a telegram for a quote or stop by…but watch your step!