Creepity Crawlies

Known among Grimly Wood natives simply as “creepity crawlies”, these glowing-red-eyed creatures can be seen most often at dawn and twilight, creeping and watching from the underbrush. Travelers usually mistake them for weorgs who share a similarly bright, blood red gaze, but contrary to weorgs, Creepity Crawlies are mostly harmless scavengers that only feed on carrion.

From afar, they practically appear to be shadows with no substantial form, but if glimpsed up close in decent light, one can see that they are slight, if not bulbous and hunched, unimposing creatures covered in dark fur, which they can vary in coloration like a chameleon, depending on their surroundings. Their only imposing feature is their three-fingered talons, which come in handy when tearing into carrion flesh and bone.

 Never venturing too far from their dens, they will only retreat if demonstrably approached or attacked; otherwise they will just stare like unabashed voyeurs, as if waiting for their subjects to fall down dead in front of them. This proves to be a rather efficient strategy within the depths of Grimly Wood, as skittish and needlessly frightened prey will often flee causing a great fracas, leading to their eventual death by an actual predator, and eventually leftover scraps for Creepity Crawlies.