Domun Bauble


The Underlands of Eem are both wondrous and perilous. Many top dwellers, or overlanders as they are commonly called, are allured by goblin industry, the mysticism of the Spectral Caverns, and vastness of the great subterranean river-route of Westerwake. However, for the uninitiated, the Underlands are dangerous–and without a guide or map, the place is a deathtrap. It was for this reason the first domun bauble was crafted.

In the same way that a divining rod can sniff out water and minerals, a domun bauble can sniff out trouble. It isn’t clear who invented the domun bauble, but it is common knowledge that each bauble is shaped from a type of crystal found only in the Spectral Caves. The properties of the crystal are such that any form of hostility, malice, anger, dread, rage, or malcontent spark a pale light at the core of the crystal formations.

Most Underlanders believe the light is the specter of lost cowards, fearful of the slightest conflict even in death. However, dwellers like Gelatinous Goos believe the peculiar light is an evolutionary defense mechanism, a warning sign to protect against Rockgobblers, and more recently in history, deep-vein miners who would shatter the glittering kingdoms for their profit, and destroy its fragile ecosystem.