Drip-Drip Trees

Known for their rich purple bark, Drip-drop trees are prevalent in the climes of southwestern Eem. So named for their heavy secretion of sap that flows year round, Drip-drops reproduce without seeding, and instead saturate the earth at their roots with potent, replicating enzymes that quite literally “drip” new saplings into the soil.

Drip-drop trees are the most numerous tree south of Middle-Route Run, and due to their astounding rate of growth and reproduction, are one of the most common building materials around. Even more astounding, drip-drop sap, when heated, is a powerful adhesive, water-resistant, and nigh unbreakable. For years, gnomish builders have bound their treetop houses and willow hollow cottages together without the use of hammer or nail. Contrary to gnomesgoblins harvest the sap as an industrial adhesive and epoxy for mass manufacturing dire rat traps for their overpopulated and infested subterranean cities.