Drudge Mash

What almost looks like a clump of brown mud is actually a fine mound of Drudge Mash mushrooms. Each mound contains hundreds of mushroom heads, mostly harmless, but remarkable in that their spores produce a cure of sleepiness. A single nibble and a full grown troll could stay awake, albeit with obvious physical consequences, for several days.

Drudge Mash gets its name from the resultant plunge in energy one receives once the nutrients have run their course–thusly making every action after a Drudge Mash spike just about the hardest, most miserable thing in the world.

The mashrooms are most commonly utilized by Kobolds, who find the additional zing of a Mash salad dressing to be a welcome partner in their endeavors to master obscure witchcraft. Used as the ultimate study aid, Kobolds excel when placed into a mashroom-heavy study environment. But as with all things in the employ of Kobolds, Drudge Mash is often abused, leaving a swath of mind-numbed amateur witches dragging their feet on the long road to accomplishment.