Dungeon Keeper Jervis v. Eddie the Manticore

During the fourth Dynasty of Jervis Uglyheart (last year), a young Manticore named Eddie got a job. Then he got hungry. The only logical recourse was to eat the goblin standing next him, who just so happened to be his Taskmaster.

After being committed to the Book of Executionings, as was the proper protocol for such egregious insubordination, Eddie the Manticore–at the advice of his mother–hired the best damn lawyer in the Mucklands: a southern Bogril named Jebbadooba Twoshoes. What followed was the longest, highest-profile legal battle the Dungeon world has ever seen, including The People v. Zurdag the Man-Catcher.

In a tour de force of legal wheeling and dealing, Twoshoes argued that Eddie was just a simple Manticore, and did what all Manticores do: eat, drink blood, and desecrate the corpse in a show of dominance. Thus by the laws of nature, it was decreed unlawful that such a majestic beast be put to death for eating. Instead, Eddie was banished. As a result, the landmark ruling forever exposed a legal loophole in employee termination practices, and blew the doors wide open for banishment to replace the age old method of execution.