Beedy-eyed and blind, Dweorgs are the greediest creatures in all of creation. Roving in gangs deep beneath the world of Eem, they skulk in darkness preying on the weak, rare, and valuable. It is unknown where Dweorgs originated, although legend has it that the first of their kind hatched from stone eggs laid by Great Wyrms within the primordial ash-geysers at Eem’s core.

Unable to speak, they communicate through guttural whistles and belly-hollering, which no other species has been able to translate. But little verbal interaction is needed when Dweorgs are encountered. You shall either be dazzled by their display of riches, or you shall be chained, enslaved, and added to their bizarre collection of subterranean unfortunates.

 Dweorg beast-tamers are renowned and reviled for their menagerie of underworldly creatures. They capture and subdue glow-worms, gelatinous goos, mung slicks, fern-men, and countless other species that most surface Folk do not even realize exist.

Needless to say, Dweorgs are extremely unpopular among denizens of the dark, save for dungeon enterprises like SPL, LLC that buy rare goods and hire their services to excavate tunnels. Dweorgs also have a strange but mutual relationship with the dirt-tossing, amphibious Quob, who act as both steeds and companions within the deepest cavern-crawling Dweog caravans.