Ettin Man-Peeler

A staple tool within every Ettin Bone Pack, man-peelers do exactly what you’d expect of their horrific namesake.

Generally, they are cast entirely from a single mold of poor quality iron collected as slag from cracks in mountains or mines of more industrious folk.

Because of their shoddy craftsmanship, man-peelers are really only good for about a dozen peelings, and the procurement of new materials has given rise to Ettin raids of dungeon mineral quarries. Additionally, if not carefully maintained by a special member of the Bone Pack referred to as simply, The Peeler, the tool will tend to rust into uselessness.

Golo the Gargantuan, as a man-eating enthusiast himself, expertly maintains his Ettin device to ensure for good cooking and clean eating, and replaced a broken iron handle with a wooden one. Originally, Golo’s man-peeler belonged to an Ettin named Grashnak, who, to his folly, answered a poorly-worded advertisement promising two ponies of fine husbandry to anyone in possession of a man-peeler. But upon arriving at Castle Lake, Grashnak was dispatched by the scheming Golo and turned into a throw rug, which has since been discarded due to Olog’s frequent nocturnal enuresis.