Ettins are nomadic giants from the hill-country near the Wade borderlands, far to the east of the Middle-Kingdoms. Enormous, long-snouted and snaggle-toothed woolies, they maintain a sub-boggart intelligence, but make up for it in sudden bursts of conversational wit. This wit generally translates into harsh but clever criticism at one’s expense, catcalling, or any kind of pun. Similarly to wild pigs, Ettins travel in sounders of two to twelve individuals, living day to day as hunters and gatherers, but also sophisticated enough to craft clay ovens for baking flatbreads with the primary ingredient bone meal.

Ettins can be ornery and opportunistic eaters. If peckish, they will wander complacently nibbling berries, nuts, and snuffing out wild birds with a flick of their fingers. If hungry, they will raid herds, flocks, and farmhouse grain stores. If starving, Ettins will raze villages to the ground, devouring everyone in sight, and gnawing the support beams of cottages until their snappy jaws have tired. They are fickle creatures in this regard, and in times of want, Ettins will disperse to reduce their numbers and improve their chances of survival.

More than ravenous monsters, Ettins are known for resounding, baritone wailing that can be heard for miles. (Thus the term the “Sounds of Ettins” to describe someone hysterically crying or mourning). The wailing is always at twilight and can last as long as an hour. It is unclear why Ettins engage in this behavior, but it has been surmised that it is a form of long distance communicative song, not unlike whales–but far less majestic and melodic.