Fabled Epoli

Epoli | Rickety Stitch

The kingdom called Epoli (Ep-Oh-LEE) was an ancient empire ruled by a wise, powerful, and mysterious Empress long before the rise of the Dungeon Era. Epoli today is little more than a tall tale, rather than a place. Any real history is remembered only by a few, and for the most part has been entirely swept from history and hidden beneath a dusty rug of myth and legend.

Epoli, in its time, was the jewel of the world, a mighty and peaceful realm wherein all of the Middle-Kingdoms found abundant culture, commerce, and political stability beneath the rule of the fabled empress who guided a people into an age of enlightenment. 

At the forefront of Epoli culture was storytelling. And though the vast majority of their stories have been lost, a very special few carry with them the heroic tales of that long lost civilization to inspire the folk of Eem and sweep away the cold, gray ashes of a humdrum Dungeon Era.