Resting along the cold, north western coast, Felmog is the wealthiest country in Eem. It is a realm ruled by a highfalutin aristocracy, and old, chivalric orders of quest knights who have sworn themselves to scour the world in search of lost relics and wonders of antiquity.

There are three Orders of Felmog: Iron Sun, Cloven Tongue, and the Order of the Black Candle each of which is ruled by a central Countship in Felmog’s seaside capital of Kreeth. The Count or Countess of Felmog is generally determined by political and martial contests between the three orders, and is often passed down for generations to the first born of the winning house. The land is currently ruled by House Khasadar, a well respected and particularly accomplished Black Candle family.

Felmog maintains that their history reaches back several millennia to the Hamarung Empire, which was an ancient civilization of seafaring warlords that established a foothold and prosperous city-state along the western coast. Hamarung is credited with incredible feats of engineering and architecture, including the Bridge of Hamarung, which crosses the Canyons of Pim, and is the largest man-made structure in the known world.

Felmog has long contested the territory between its borders and the southern side of Hamarung. Many skirmishes and political coups against the northernmost townships of the Middle Kingdoms have tested the peace over the years. For the most part, Felmog is disinterested with the Middle-Kingdoms, though many northern folk would heartily disagree.