Gelatinous Goos

Coming in all shapes and sizes, Gelatinous Goos are sentient, subterranean jelly creatures who subsist primarily on fungi and weevils. They prefer to asphyxiate larger prey, such as moles and throng-worms, by engulfing the creatures within their jelly. Goos procreate through agamogenesis, spawning vigorously whilst basking in warm volcanic geysers within Eem’s nether regions.

Little is known about Goo society. Few have witnessed the convoluted, autoerotic mating rituals which are said to produce dazzling bioluminescent light shows that can only be seen in the darkest depths of Eem. Fewer still have been accepted from the outside into Goo culture to observe their way of life, and understand their complex clan system.

The genesis of Goo society is often attributed to the Legend of the Great Goo, a mythic figure in Goo history responsible for birthing the species as a whole. In the latter half of the second Kingdom of Thurf, Bogril Explorer Ewik Raetche discovered cavern etchings that depicted an enormous Goo splitting into a multitude of miniature Goos in defense against a ravenous slick of Mung, a semi-sentient slime species, and natural competitor of Goos.

Sought after for their fungi recognition, Goos have become the prime targets of Dweorg poachers who trap the jellies en masse. Dweorgs enslave and sell Goos to dungeons all over the land to sniff out deposits of precious minerals, metals, and the most valuable fungus in the world: the Oom Root, or Tomb Lilly. As a result, rampant Goo trafficking has splintered the once highly xenophobic Goo clanships, and spread the creatures to regions that no Goo had likely ever ventured before