Goblinoid Resources Department

Essential to any well-oiled dungeon machine, the Goblinoid Resources Department is a twisted skein of bureaucratic madness that aims to uphold the motto “nothing will ever change, because that’s the way we like it.” Case in point, it took 314 formal complaints against Rickety Stitch and the Gelatinous Goo to get the attention of Madam Wozinski.

Team-building and hiring best practices are considered a waste of time and not encouraged. In fact, there is no formal administrative hiring arm of the Goblinoid Resources Department, due to a supremely low hiring bar. Applications are constantly surging into their offices, and subsequently accepted, mainly due to high employee mortality rate–that, and an over abundance of Boggart scum fleeing in droves from the endemic poverty of the Mucklands.

However, in some extraordinary cases, certain rare creatures are sought out by GR for their unique specialties, such as Gelatinous Goos for their fungi recognition, and skeletons who are coveted for their inexhaustible, mindless slave labour. Orfong’s Dungeon, on the other hand, so sorely disappointed by Rickety Stitch and the Goo’s work ethic, will probably think twice about ever hiring another skeleton or Gelatinous Goo.

The sister department of Goblinoid Resources–Inhumanoid Resources–who handles sentient creatures and non-sentient monsters, functions on a much simpler level. Rather than requiring mountains of paperwork to get anything done, employees who fall under this department’s jurisdiction normally train, develop, and settle their disputes via bouts of bloody and ferocious unarmed combat.