Golo the Gargantuan

Alone in his tower, biding his listless time, Golo the Gargantuan rues the day he took the crown of Grimly Wood and doomed himself to his current pitiful state. Living off the few morsels that Zigglidorglmorkin manages to bring back to the castle, Golo has lost the strength to care about much of anything any longer: only his great, unending hunger, and a fading dream of the ancient past.

He used to read books by candlelight, giant-sized tomes bestowed upon him by his loyal subjects many lifetimes ago. On numerous occasions, Golo has ordered Zigglidorglmorkin to acquire more books, so that the Imp may transcribe the text into larger print, but Ziggy hasn’t a mind for such busywork. This has only exacerbated their already contentious relationship, leaving Golo no choice but to severely punish the Imp for even the slightest misdeed or mistake.

Forgotten by time, very few in all of Eem even remember Castle Lake and the Glutton King of Grimly Wood; and those few who do, stay far, far away. All Golo can do now is wallow atop his throne of bones, watching his days pass at a snail’s pace through the tiny tower window above.