Gordak the Progenitor

The Eye of Gordak.

The Eye of Gordak.

Gordak the Progenitor was once a living embodiment of the world’s end. A titan and fiend, it was born of churning, primordial chaos with flesh and bones that lurched from the thundering deep of Eem’s infant core, and rose in a mighty crack.

When it woke, the stars shuttered and the mountains sighed beneath the weight of her gargantuan feet. The Progenitor’s tail carved rivers and valleys into the face of the earth and her towering reach cut swaths of clouds from the sky. Its blinking eye lit the night as she sauntered over a lush and empty landscape; searching, striving, and starving for company.

Gordak wandered alone, solitary but for the lesser creatures she devoured or destroyed–until at last she settled into a great, volcanic crater to birth her horrible young. Both mother and father, Gordak writhed in the bubbling froth for fifty years until at last spawning the Three Dooms–her Ogre sons: Kurgonn, Oomek, and Golo.

Golo bears the symbol of his mother on the buckle of his belted fur loincloth: the Dread Eye of Gordak.