Grimly-cap Mushrooms

Named more for their harsh taste than the petrifying poison in their spongy caps, Grimly-cap mushrooms are both revered and reviled among the culinary palette of fairy folk. Grimly-caps are fairly common fungal natives to both Grimly Wood and Dingledell, two expanses of forest reaching across the middle belt of Eem’s western wild country. The rise of Grimly-cap popularity, specifically in food, comes from its use with Kobolds who find the grainy texture, sour stalks, and petrifying result of consumption, a suitable base for a traditional wedding soup called: Bletch.

Contrary, Gnomes of Dingledell are immune to the worst of the strange, stunning effect of the grimly-cap, and instead harvest the mushrooms to mulch into an edible putty. Often spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg, the putty is a remarkable loose bowel preventative. The concoction is affectionately referred to as Plugging Pudding, and is a household staple amongst gnomish families, as well as Brownie dairy farmers.