Helgroathe Mine

Helgroathe Mine was a money pit and utter loss for the now defunct Azimuth Corporation, a dungeon outfit that was at one point a major player in the early days of the Dungeon Era. Approached by silent partners some months prior to breaking ground, Helgroathe went from a promise of fortunes and possibilities for Azimuth Co., to complete bankruptcy and catastrophic loss of life.

Located on the border of The Mucklands and Shrym, Helgroathe suffered a total of nineteen disasters, from massive collapses to black powder explosions, causing numerous setbacks and casualties along the way. Publicized as a coal mine, reports surfacing from the few surviving miners suggested the mine may have served another purpose. While coal extraction did occur, these miners (who all soon after went missing) claimed that the havoc stemmed from executive orders to dig deeper and deeper beyond the depths of the mineral seams for an unknown reason. Before the final collapse that killed over a thousand workers at once, one survivor reported seeing “a hulking, sallow man, decked in full plate mail, black as pitch.” The survivor could not be found for a follow-up interview.

Afterwards, Helgroathe was altogether shuttered and abandoned. Locals avoid it at all costs, and travelers dare not enter, save those so desperate for shelter that they would endure the cold, whispering echoes of a thousand dead men.