His Royal Highness Ragtooth Munch

Second in line for the Boggart Throne of Munch, Ragtooth of House Munch is on a journey. A journey not just to sow his royal oats throughout the World of Eem, but to defy the staunch traditionalism of arranged, royal Boggart marriages, and find his own beloved queen.

Ragtooth’s faithful companion, Tut-tut Donahee, was also sent by King Munch to guide the impressionable prince through–what the entire court imagined would be–a debaucherous romp of hedonism and raunch. But the further from home they ventured, the further from the old stodgy ways of powdered wigs and tins of snuff they wandered.

So far, their travels have led them over the moldy craters of Thurf and Thrig, to the rubbish-laden junk spires of Crunktown and Beezelburf, all the way to Wally’s Waffles and Weorgs, whose Rooty Patootie Spoiled n’ Groody dish came highly recommended by a troupe of Bogril fortunetellers. Enchanted by the Groody special sauce, Ragtooth broke from all royal tradition and took a job as a fry cook for Wally himself, and fell in love with the hunchbacked dishwashing woman named Louise.

Tut-tut Donahee, though genuinely happy for his friend and master, dreads the day he must inform King Munch that a lack of “compatible junk” has halted the bloodline.