Imp Sneezes

An imp sneeze is, in a word, catastrophic. At least for Imps anyway. Not entirely dissimilar to a gremlin’s aversion to cheese or a werewolf’s allergy to silver, imps hate sneezing because it always muddles things up. Imps are opportunistic connivers that use a plethora of magical tricks and ploys to attain their nasty goals. These Imp Tricks are minorly magical spectacles that due to the peculiar physiology of imps, can be unraveled in an instant by a single, innocent sneeze.

A case in point would be the story of Izzigdongleponger, an old, scruffy warlock’s imp who spent the majority of his lifetime crafting a golem from his own fecal matter, so that he might usurp his master and break free of his servitude. Each day, sometimes twice depending on his diet, Izzigdongleponger would add a little piece to his creation, until finally after forty seven years, he had sculpted a hulking beast of poop. Leading the golem out from the secret cave where had had been hiding it all those years, Izzy let it loose upon the warlock’s tower as he watched from a safe distance away.

However, the Imp failed to account for the field of pigweed just outside the tower, which the golem clumsily trudged over, kicking up a cloud of pollen that blocked out the sun. Just as the golem was about to topple the tower with the warlock inside, Izzy sneezed a violent nine-chain sneeze that undid the golem in a brown rainbow explosion. Izzy spent the rest of his life painstakingly cleaning his mess from the side of the warlock’s tower every morning, and never tried a nasty trick like that again.