Merry Ballads

Merry Ballads | Rickety Stitch

Merry Ballads–not to be confused with a traditional ballad–are musical pieces, generally associated with a story or legend, that has no words. Differing from a ditty, chanty, or jam session, Merry Ballads are crafted with a specific, pointed purpose of the heart, and are often hour-long compositions that weave the threads of a narrative with peaks and valleys of tempo, from sonata to fermata, with various arrangements that inspire the listener as if they were spun a tale by a master storyteller.

Besides having no lyrics, Merry Ballads have only one other rule: to tell the story of a great journey and a great hero. For this reason, merry ballads are favorites amongst folk, particularly Faerie folk, or any good-hearted creature. These renditions and traditions of the instrument are widely regarded as the purest form of storytelling, as the notes themselves draw images of dread and ultimate triumph in the hearts and minds of the audience, far more aptly than the poetry of songs, the words of a book, or the stroke of a painter’s brush.