Noctis Moss

The Mucklands are rife with oddities, but few are so deceptive and destructive as noctis moss. Wherein the northlands dead trees fall and decay in accordance with the natural order of the woods, in the Mucklands, dead trees often remain standing far after they’ve rotted; this is due to an infestation of noctis moss.

 With a similar consistency and tensile strength to inkpot spiderwebs, noctis moss spins and expands within the rotten pockets and knots of old trees, slowly creeping over limbs and leaves until a tree is entirely consumed within a baleful, threaded sarcophagus. Visually, trees that have ‘gone noctic’ appear encased in cobwebs of varying, muted greens, browns, and blacks–and appear very much alive. However, this is not so. Noctic trees are often entirely rotten beneath the thick skin of moss and are generally inhabited by weevils, beetles, and in some cases, clutches of Scumseer eggs, the spawn of which burst through the decay in springtime, and crawl towards the nearest body of water.