Of Pomp & Pizazz

Of Pomp & Pizazz is a boggart sales guide written by Sherwoog Kitch. Despite the title, the book is famously dull and ham-fisted, and is only praised by boggarts for the simple method by which it communicates the importance of celebrating the glamour of a thing when attempting to sell. Besides its trivial usefulness for boggart merchants and carpetbaggers, the book itself is unremarkable but for a single fact–each copy is cursed.

Most don’t believe the legends at first. Of all the books to curse, why Kitch’s innocuous, humdrum snoozefest of closing deals the boggart way? Actually, it is for that very reason that Of Pomp & Pizazz bears a curse. Sherwoog Kitch himself was by trade a traveling salesman, beholden to no particular product, as well as no particular sales etiquette. And on one accursed day, Kitch unabashedly rapped upon the door of one Veratha Mog, a most crumeduous hag in Rengwere Mire, who was quite serious about enforcing the “No solicitors” sign nailed to the skeleton that was strung to her door.

Not knowing that anything horrible had happened at all, Sherwoog moved on down the road, continuing to spread his barrels of books to unsuspecting rubes, who now possessed a book that would doom their firstborn children to lives of catastrophe. Luckily, Sherwoog never blighted the world with his offspring, but there are whole boggart families whose bloodlines are marred by Of Pomp and Pizazz.