Ral Nok Sorcerex

The Ral Nok Sorcerex is one of two volumes that delve into the mysteries of true sorcery. Unlike the magic of wizards or the natural magics of faerie folk, sorcery is unique to only a few individuals in history. These individuals possess a command over the elements and do not rely upon incantations, alchemy, words of power, or mysticism. A sorcerer’s power is a power of the will and for this reason it is regarded as the most powerful magic in Eem.

Named for the steep cliffs of Ral Nok, high within the mountain range of Ur, the exact history of the Ral Nok Sorcerex is an uncertain one. It is surmised amongst wizards to be a bastardized copy of an original biographical work, first penned some thousand years before the Dungeon Era. Unlike other books of magic, the Sorcerex contains no spells, but instead reads as a kind of detailed log of a chronicler named Zhadazar the Thaumatat, who lived in the shadow of a powerful sorcerer, referred to as the “magnanimous master.” The content of the Sorcerex is centered around the exploits of Zhadazar’s master, and is quite bloody and macabre in its telling of a tragic and vengeful tale.

Less is known about the man called Zhadazar himself, though there are long, feverish passages that break from the main narrative of the sorcerer and clumsily tell of witchcraft, alchemy, and bizarre ritual sacrifices committed by the chronicler in a grim quest to unnaturally prolong his own life.