“Rowdy” Rebaldi Ramsden


An eighth generation goat rustler, Rebaldi the Rowdiest of Ramsdens took up the mantle of the Ramsden Family Goat Rustling ring, which years ago transformed a plucky, piecemeal countryside goat-thieving guild into a ten thousand head, publicly-traded meat, milk, and mulching retail empire.

With nine independent goat gangs and six resale locations, the Ramsdens made the simple craft of livestock theft into a bona fide criminal enterprise.

Their modus operandi: “Steal all them goats ye can steal and sells ‘em back to the folks what fer had ‘em in the first place. After all, thems just had ther goats took and need newsies n’ whatnut!”

However, when the reigns of the family business were handed over to Rebaldi, his two older brothers Marfo and Perrik were infuriated; each broke off to form their own competing companies, operating out of the greater Hedgewater area. It could be argued that none of the brothers care much for goat rustling itself, but rather share a great passion for one-upmanship, and in turn gaining the affection of their mother Moyra Ramsden, the most famous goat rustler in recent history.

To further this goal, Rebaldi has secretly financed a crack team of Goblin scientists to concoct a deadly goat plague, which he plans to unleash upon his brothers’ herds. He figures that even if it eventually spreads to his own herd, which by his estimation nearly doubles his brothers’ combined, it’ll wipe out the competition.