Stalwart are the Unwinking Stars: A Tale of Seven Kings

Eem is a world steeped in legend. But perhaps no legend, myth, or story has been told so often, and in so many ways, as the coming of the Seven Kings. There are perhaps two hundred different volumes that tell it, from dozens of cultures, and ten times that in oral traditions.

Conceptually, these stories always contain repeating traditional elements, always driving home the narrative of older, darker times–darker than even the Dungeon Era–wherein seven ships bearing seven kings from seven mysterious kingdoms were lost in a storm from both the sea and the sky, and wrecked on the shores Eem. These kings brought with them enlightenment, heroics, romances, and adventures, and also many parables, fables, tragedies, and songs from which almost every culture has adopted in some form.

In the case of Stalwart are the Unwinking Stars: A Tale of Seven Kings, the volume is comprised entirely of poetic epics that celebrate the aspirational heroics of Orn, King of the Mirrored Sea, collected and bound by what could have only been giants, in a time where Lyrich ink (which is a kind of giant cave octopus) was still commonly available. Golo’s volume has aged well, but to the keen eye, some of the more moving pages betray the dire pattern of tear drops–for even fiends shall weep at songs of Orn, King of the Mirrored Sea.