The Book of Executionings

If you are in the Book of Executionings, it is a likelihood that you are dead. At the very least you are about to be dead. And at the very very least, such as it is these days, in this modern catastrophe of political correctness…you are banished.

Penned over the course of two centuries, by a long, disdainful lineage of Subterranean Pits and Lairs CEOs, the Book of Executionings is the primary tool for determining “who gets it” in the company dungeon.Its ink has condemned no less than Bolbok the Quag, Snotmouth Pinnersnout, Arch-Duke Fenwick the Pitiless, Cleema D. Blacklily, Trent Thunderbeak, Peaches the Ettin, and Sir Gerard Edrington Slayer of Chognor the Gwarglebeast.

On rare occasions, a name in the book is misspelled, and in accordance with Dungeon Law, a name misspelled is a name pardoned. (Fastidiousness is a well-known trait of goblins, and all paperwork must be processed to perfection or rendered inadmissible.)