The Dungeoneer Magazine


Are you sure your dungeon is inescapable? Not getting enough face time with your Taskmaster?
Are those pesky adventurers slaying all of your expendable boggle foot-stabbers? If you said YES to any of these questions, you’re not reading The Dungeoneer Magazine, the premier in Dungeon and Cavern entrepreneurial periodicals.

Polish your brainpan with such famous columns as: Underlingers Anonymous, Backstabbin’ Your Way To Veep, Torture Advice, and Uncle Gyldrak’s Petulance Corner.

First published as a simple “dirtsheet” pamphlet during the nascent stages of the Dungeon Era, The Dungeoneer was distributed from the trunk of Editor-in-Chief Fleeg Greenback’s weorg-and-buggy. It has since gone on to influence the greatest business minds of our generation, and garner numerous literary awards such as the Pedagunk Prim (P.P. Award), the Dactyl Shart Seal, the Gundabang Medal for Heinousness, and two Midnight Granny’s for best audio accompaniment for Vol. 40, Issue 9: Reptilian Birds of Prey, in collaboration with Marsh Hag Margie & The Black Crick Band.