Throng Weed

Throng Weed is not naturally occurring, but rather comes from Lord Uful of Kreeth, a minor noble serving House Khasadar in Felmog. Uful, being a farming enthusiast himself, paired many plants to create new ones. And the thorny weed, Throng is actually a hybrid of several coastal scrub bushes, native to the seaside capital of Felmog and was initially devised by Lord Uful as a natural, security barricade.

The namesake was spawned from the weed’s excessive growth and density of thorns, referred to gleefully by the Felmog Lord as ‘the throng’. The weed was originally planted in gardens and along the walls of Felmog homes, outlying the more protected cities and population centers—but soon sprung wildly wheresoever its black roots sank into willing soil.
Despite ravaging nearly every ecosystem it reaches, Throng Weed is by far the most common in the coastal regions of Felmog proper. And despite Lord Uful’s supposed genius in creating it, most Felmog citizens revile the ugly tangle and denounce its over-enthusiastic maker.