Golo’s Candelabra

The giant brass candelabra crowning Golo’s empty feasting table dimly lights the chamber wherein Golo bides his time. The piece is an amalgamation of cheap metals, painstakingly collected by Zigglidorglmorkin the Imp and heated to great temperatures by a bellows powered by Golo’s monstrous breath. And though the feat of crafting such a large piece is impressive in its own right, the true miracle of the candelabra lies hidden within the seven towering candles.

There is not enough candle wax in Grimly Wood to form even one of Golo’s mighty sticks. Instead, these enormous candles are made from a carefully guarded trove of ogre earwax, gifted to Golo by his brother Umek. And though Golo and Olog both quite easily produce enough earwax for a castle’s illumination, Umek’s earwax reflects the nature of his curse and burns as slow and hot as magma.

Golo’s candelabra has burned every night for years, only barely weeping droplets of stinking earwax. In his loneliness, Golo often muses if he himself will live long enough to watch the candles burn entirely down.