Golo’s Hope Chest

When Golo the Gargantuan first became king, his court found it unseemly that he did not have a queen. But the Ogre could not restrain himself: he kept devouring his new brides. Lady after lady, Golo inevitably found something irksome or delectable about the woman, and down his gullet she went. After each bride, his advisor Parrik the Sad would dutifully place the perished lady’s gowns and belongings into a Hope Chest for the next poor soul to come along. But as time passed, and the extent of Golo’s treacherous hunger revealed itself, the king’s court ceased their search for a queen.

The trousseau of Golo’s dead brides have long since been discarded, but the hope chest still remains among his possessions as a receptacle for any tiny item that the Ogre deems valuable in his quest to escape the castle. A Wyrm’s kidney stone, a vorpal blade, the lost Eye of Mezro, the list goes on: in all of these random assortments lies Golo’s withering hope.