You’d be very lucky to see a Gwarglebeast. Very, very lucky actually. Not simply because they’re extraordinarily rare, but because the likelihood of you being that lucky is probably due to some magical token, enchanted with perpetual luck, which has probably already garnered remarkable and fortuitous wonders upon you! That said, the minute you meet a Gwarglebeast your luck has ended.

Venomous in every regard, a Gwarglebeast is a wide-mawed, toothy, top heavy, chitinous horror with an unknown origin. And as mentioned above, they are very rare. So rare, in fact, it has been philosophized amongst zoological experts that perhaps there may have only ever been one Gwarglebeast–a solitary and mythical monster that steps on and off the great stage of history.

The goblin Taskmaster, Lloyd Ghoulihan is the only known living person to have witnessed the carnage of a Gwarglebeast and lived to the tell the tale. However, his tale is not particularly interesting or well-told, as he was mostly facing the opposite direction running for his life. But Ghoulihan did communicate that the creature was perhaps four times taller than the height of a grown man, with gaping jaws so wide, that he could have as easily walked into the beast’s mouth as he would a dungeon breakroom.